Where Was Sun Protection Growing Up?

A lot may have changed since you were a kid. The world, the economy, and the technology you use in your everyday life may have changed. They picture of health is an ever changing thing. From the right foods to eat, to the proper way to exercise, knowledge always puts a new spin on our health information. In the world of SunCare, the approach is constantly changing.

Growing up there is a good chance that sun protection didn’t mean that much to you. You probably only applied sunblock when you went to the beach on those really hot days. If you were out around the neighborhood, you might have applied it once, but more often than not you just didn’t bother. If it was gloomy, or rainy, or snow on the ground you probably skipped the sunblock altogether. There wasn’t much information about the evil of UV rays. And the information that was out there wasn’t anything the average person was reading about.

Sun protection was something you did on occasion, but certainly not all the time. These days SunCare has taken on a whole new meaning. It’s no longer just some of the time maintenance. It’s about all of the time protection. You have the luxury of information. You know about the increased number of skin cancer cases reported on the left side of the body, which has only shed light on the dangers of sun exposure while driving.

These days SunCare is about disease prevention. It’s about common sense too. There is nothing hard about applying some sunblock to the skin and going about your day. The toughest part of good sun protection is dealing with the consequences that come from ignoring it. Taking the small steps today can assure that you save yourself from big problems down the road.

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