The Origins of Sunscreen

If you have been watching the television, on the Internet, or talking with your physician you know just how important SunCare is. There is a massive movement to educate men and women of all ages about the dangers of being out in the sun without the proper protection. With all that is known about skin cancer, and the effects the sun can have on the aging process, there is an effort to make sure that people are taking care of their skin everyday.

While the education is fairly new, the idea of sunblock is rather old. It seems for decades now, the effects of the sun have called people into action to stop it. Knowing what is known now about skin cancer, it’s amazing that applying sunscreen to the body everyday hasn’t been happening for years.

The first sunscreen was developed in 1938 by chemist Franz Greiter. The product was known as Gletscher Creme. Greiter invented the product after suffering a horrible sun burn. This product became the beginning of the company known as Piz Buin (the name of the spot where the sun burn occurred) which still makes SunCare products today. It’s believed that this first official sunblock had an SPF of 2.

In 1944 the first widely used and accepted sun protection product was made. Red Vet Pet was a rather crude product but came into popularity when the company Coppertone got hold of the patent and marketed it to households starting in the early 1950′s.

Today, these products are the leading fighters of skin cancer in the world. Its ability to prevent the harmful disease makes it a must wear for all people who are going outside during the day time. Education of the product has grown, and the widespread use of it has grown as well.

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