The Ins and Outs of Early Detection

The phrase “skin cancer” is a scary phrase to many. It means more to people than just a disease. It means putting their life on hold. It means taking a serious look at their own mortality. It also means having to see their family and friends go through the pain with them. It’s no wonder why people clam up at the idea of this.

The good news is that of all the cancers that you can be inflicted with, cancer of the skin is one of the most preventable, treatable, and easily detected cancers. This should come as hope for those who are queasy hearing those words.

While SunCare and prevention are at the heart of the fight, early detection and treatment are also vital weapons in the fight. Without spotting the cancer it’s impossible to treat it.

In order to spot the cancer, one must first know what to look for and where. The most common type of cancer is nonmelanoma. The other type is melanoma. Both of these are treatable with nonmelanoma being the most present type of these cancers.

The appearance of these types of cancers might resemble a mole or a bump. They may be raised skin that is just slightly off the skin tone of the rest of the body. The easiest rule of thumb is that if something appears on the body that isn’t recognized immediately(like a pimple) then it’s best to have it looked at, even if it’s nothing.

These moles, or carcinomas, are often found on parts of the skin that is most constantly exposed to the sun. You may find them on your face, head, neck, and hands. While they can be found elsewhere, these are the places to look first. With early detection skin cancer is completely preventable.

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