SunCare is About Being a Good Parent

Being a parent is a difficult job. Each day the responsibilities grow and the situations change. You are forced to think on the fly and adapt to whatever might come up. There are some things that never change, no matter how long you are a parent. One of those things is to keep your child safe. Not just for today, but for everyday for the rest of your life. This is why SunCare is so important to a parent’s job.

Of all the things that can do your child harm, especially later in life, the sun is one of the biggest things. The sun has harmful UV rays that can penetrate the skin and not just age the skin, but open it up to the threat of skin cancer.

Making your children aware of the power of the sun isn’t easy because you don’t often understand it yourself. You might leave the house without applying sunscreen, and you might not always understand that a drive to lunch can be dangerous to you, but you have to know that for your kids. Your kids don’t have the chance to read up on the ills of sun exposure. You have to read up and protect for them.

SunCare means protection and doing your job. It’s your job to worry about the things that will harm them today, but also down the road. It’s your job to think about the bigger picture for their health. Leaving them out in the sun without any regard to the safety and health of their skin isn’t doing your job.

As parents you have to make sure that they are wearing the proper protection out in the sun, even if it’s cloudy. Looking out for their health years from now is exactly what you have to do as a parent.

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