Embrace The Phrase “Skin Cancer”

There are many words that we try and eliminate from out lives. For whatever reason we feel better thinking they aren’t in our lives. “Skin cancer” is one of those buzz words that makes everyone a little uneasy. But why feel so bad about something we know so much about?

There used to be a time when what you knew about this cancer, and SunCare in general, was limited. You knew that on the really hot, sunny days that you needed to get out the sun block, but the rest of the time you could relax and leave it at home.

These days you know better. You’ve learned, through research and education, that the UV rays of the sun are harmful at all times, everyday. You know know that skin cancer is a real threat, but that it’s a preventable threat.

Still, the phrase scares you because you don’t know what that means. In effect, this cancer is anytime cancerous cells are located on any part of your body, internally or externally.

There is the most common type of skin cancer which is the Basal Cell Carcinoma. This appears on the face, neck, and hands. It comes often in the form of a pink bump, or a sore that oozes.

The most dangerous kind of cancer of the skin is the melanoma. This kind of spot can appear anywhere on the body and often presents itself as a mole that changes color, shape, and size. Early detection of these will result in successful treatment.

These types of cancer are all very treatable when detected early, and they are all very preventable too. There is no reason to shy away from the term.  Cancer is a life altering diagnosis, but it is not always a life ending prospect.

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