Q: Can I use Solise on my face and neck as well as my body and hands?

A: Yes, Solise is specially formulated to be PH balanced and gentle on your skin. Use it on your face every day to make sure you have SPF 15 sunscreen to start your day.

Q: Does Solise wash off?

A: No. Solise’s unique formulation allows the sunscreen elements of the wash to bond with the natural oils of your skin to leave a layer of sunscreen on you after you rinse. Like all sunscreens, the effectiveness of Solise diminishes with exposure to sun and water so be sure to reapply any sunscreen when you are going to be exposed to the sun for longer periods of time. Solise should be used as daily “first line of defense” to protect you and your loved ones from harmful sun rays.

Q: Is Solise safe to use on children?

A: Yes. Solise was developed for children. Given the sun’s long-term damage to kids’ skin, we urge every parent use Solise, and other quality sunscreen products, on kids regularly.

Q: How long does Solise’s sun protection last?

A: Our tests indicate that after showering in the morning with Solise, its SPF shield dropped to 12 by 5:00 PM that afternoon. Exact figures on any sunscreen’s longevity are difficult to determine as FDA has no protocol for such tests. Again, Solise is meant as your first line of sun defense every day.

Q: Will Solise clog my pores like other sunscreens do?

A: No. Solise is non-comedogenic, which means it does not clog pores.

Q: How does Solise work?

A: As Solise washes your body clean, the sunscreen ingredients instantly bond with your skin’s natural oils, leaving you clean, moisturized and instantly protected from the effects of daily sun exposure!

Q: Are there other products like Solise out there?

A: No. Solise is uniquely formulated to perform multiple functions at once. Not only does it clean and moisturize your skin, but also enables sunscreen to remain on your skin after you rinse and towel-dry. Solise was the first and remains the only company to perfect this simple, wash and wear sunscreen application.

Q: If I use Solise, can I still get sunburned?

A: Yes, Solise is like all sunscreens in that too much sun can still cause burning. Be smart. If you are going to be in the sun for a long period, you MUST reapply sunscreen as ALL sunscreens lose their effectiveness over time. If your lifestyle involves a lot of sun exposure, Solise is not meant to be used as your only sunscreen; use it as your first line of defense.

Q: Do I need to use Solise, or any other type of sunscreen, if I’m African American or dark complexioned?

A: Yes. Although you are less likely to experience the burns caused by UVB exposure, you are just as susceptible to UVA rays that play key roles in skin cancer and aging. It is important that everybody, regardless of skin tone, uses protection against UVA sun rays.

Q: How long does Solise stay on?

A: That depends. The duration of effectiveness will depend on how long you stay in the sun, how much you sweat, whether you are in water and for how long and, of course, the intensity of the sun. The sun does the most damage between 10 and 3. If you are in the sun during these times and for long periods of time, you should reapply sunscreen. As sunscreens are exposed to sun rays, their effectiveness diminishes as they absorb and/or reflect those rays. Absorbing and reflecting the sun’s rays is actually how sunscreen prevents sun damage to your skin. Solise is the smart first step in daily sun protection.

What are the active ingredients?

Titanium Dioxide, Homosalate, Octinoxate, Octisalate and Oxybenzone.  The same ingredients you will find in any sunscreen on the market, however, we incorporated high end body wash elements and created a process to combine them in a way that the sunscreen remains on your body after you wash it off.

What are the inactive ingredients?

Water, sodium laureth, sulfate, cocoamidopropyl betaine, peg-8, lauric acid, glycine joja (soybean) oil, peg-120 methyl glucose dioleate, dimethicone/methicone copolymer, glyceryl stearate, peg-100 stearate, sorbitan lourate, sorbitan trioleate, aluminum hydroxide, xantham gum, tetrasodium EDTA, fragrance, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.