13 Reasons to Use Solise Daily

1. Getting Clean.

2. SPF 15 on Everywhere, Everyday: Solise gets you ready for the sun, period.

3. The great feeling of freshly scented moisturized skin.

4. Solise eliminates worries about small but serious sun exposure. In spite of dermatologist’s advice, who puts sunscreen on every day of the year?

5. 90% of all skin cancers occur the most exposed areas – faces, hands, ears, and arms. Solise washes over ALL of these parts and covers them daily with SPF 15. (1)

6. Solise is a great body wash at a great price.

7. Regular use of sunscreen in children can lower their risk of skin cancer by more than 75%. Why not protect kids before they go to school or off to play? (2)

8. Avoid the unpleasantness of sand and clothing sticking to protected skin. Solise leaves no greasy residue, just soft, clean, protected skin.

9. Most clothing only has a SPF of 5-9, so add an extra layer of protection under your clothes. With Solise, if you’ve washed it, you’ve protected it. (3)

10. Up to 80% of the ultraviolet sun rays that burn get through fog and clouds, so be safe knowing you washed with Solise and SPF is ALREADY ON! (5)

11. Skin cancer is mostly preventable and Solise is the easiest ways to get daily protection from UV rays – simple and smart.

12. 90% of visible signs of aging are caused by sun exposure. Use Solise daily and slow that process. (4)

13. Solise protects your hands, one of the most exposed areas of your body, with an invisible SPF 15 “glove” that is comfortable and smart to wear!

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